iQIYI is an innovative market-leading online entertainment service provider in China. For the year of 2018, iQIYI's average mobile MAUs were 455 million, and its average mobile DAUs were 135 million. On average, users spent 9.4 billion hours per month watching video content on iQIYI platform through all devices, and spent 1.6 hours per day per user watching video content on its mobile apps during the year.

iQIYI's platform features original content, as well as a comprehensive selection of professionally produced content, or PPC, partner generated content, or PGC, and user generated content, or UGC.


Original content. iQIYI's original content includes high quality content produced in-house and those produced in collaboration with third-parties. iQIYI obtains the intellectual property rights through production, adaptation or purchase from third parties, while the partners, typically established entertainment production companies, are responsible for content development and production. iQIYI maintains a high degree of control during the content development and production process.

Licensed content. iQIYI provides users with a curated selection of high-quality PPC from third parties. iQIYI licenses video content typically at fixed rates for a specified term, and pay licensing fees generally in installments upon signing of the contacts and during the licenses period. iQIYI also exchanges rights to distribute licensed content with other internet video streaming services to enrich our content library. In certain cases, iQIYI has the right of first refusal to purchase new content produced by the licensor.


iQIYI collaborates with a large number of selected partners to supplement its video content portfolio with PGC, and incentivizes them to submit high-quality content through our revenue-sharing mechanism. PGC expands iQIYI"s video collection to cover long-tail content to capture a broader user base. Furthermore, PGC promotes iQIYI"s brand, drives user engagement and enhances user stickiness.

iQIYI has established a track record of creating multiple channels of monetization through adapting single popular works into a variety of entertainment products. iQIYI generates revenues primarily through membership services, online advertising, content distribution and other services.

Membership Services

iQIYI"s membership services generally provide subscribing members with superior entertainment experience that is embodied in various membership privileges. Subscribing members have early access or binge-watch option to certain drama series aired exclusively on iQIYI platform. Subscribing members also have access to a large collection of VIP-only content comprises drama series, movies, animations, and cartoons, etc. Membership privileges generally include substantially ad-free streaming, 1080P/4K high-definition video, enhanced audio experience, accelerated downloads and others. Subscribing member privileges also include coupons and discounts on paid on-demand films, as well as special privilege in offline events, such as exclusive access to live concerts. The number of subscribing members increased 72% from 50.8 million as of December 31, 2017 to 87.4 million as of December 31, 2018. Excluding individuals with trial memberships, the number of subscribing members increased by 72% from 50.0 million as of December 31, 2017 to 86.1 million as of December 31, 2018.

Online Advertising

The prices of iQIYI"s advertising services depend upon various factors, including form and size of the advertising, level of sponsorship, popularity of the content or event in which the advertisements will be placed, and specific targeting requirements. Prices for the brand advertising service purchased by each advertiser or advertising agency are fixed under sales contracts. iQIYI"s feed-based online marketing services are competitively priced through an online bidding process.