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Biography PhotoRobin  Li
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Robin  Li
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

Robin Li is the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, Inc., and oversees the company's overall strategy and business operations.

In the 11 years since founding Baidu in January 2000, Robin has turned the company into China’s largest search engine, with over 80% market share. Baidu also ranks as the second largest independent search engine in the world. In August 2005, Baidu listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and in December 2007 became the first Chinese company ... 
Biography PhotoHailong Xiang
Vice President
Hailong Xiang
Vice President

Mr. Hailong Xiang joined Baidu in February 2005. He serves as Vice President in charge of Baidu’s commercial operations. Mr. Xiang served as Vice President of Baidu’s direct sales for its search marketing business, from April 2007 to July 2011.

Mr. Xiang graduated from East China Normal University in 2000 with a degree in computer science. In 2001, Mr. Xiang established Shanghai Qilang, an Internet services firm, and served as its general manager. He joined Baidu with the acquisition ... 
Biography PhotoJing Wang
Vice President of Engineering
Jing Wang
Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Jing Wang joined the Baidu team in April 2010. He serves as vice president of engineering, overseeing commercial product R&D as well as mobile Internet and infrastructure.

Mr. Wang graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a BS and an MS in computer science. He received his second MS in computer science from the University of Florida. Since 1991, Mr. Wang has held various managerial and technical positions in Silicon Valley companies including Oracle, I... 
Biography PhotoGuang Zhu
Vice President
Guang Zhu
Vice President

Mr. Guang Zhu joined Baidu in December 2008, and was promoted to vice president in January 2011. Mr. Zhu is in charge of Baidu marketing, public relations, and other related activities.

Mr. Zhu is a graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Before joining Baidu, he held the position of senior director of public relations and integration promotion for Greater China with the Lenovo Group. Since joining Baidu, Mr. Zhu has organized and integrated marketing, public relations and brand strate... 
Biography PhotoJennifer Li
Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Li
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Li has served as our chief financial officer since March 2008. Ms. Li is in charge of our finance and accounting, human resources, marketing and communications, purchasing, corporate development and certain other areas. Ms. Li has extensive experience in U.S. GAAP reporting and in developing and leading finance and accounting teams before she joined us. Prior to joining our company, Ms. Li served as controller of General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC)’s North American Operations f... 
Biography PhotoZhan Wang
Vice President
Zhan Wang
Vice President

Mr. Zhan Wang joined Baidu in July 2000. He serves as Vice President in charge of sales. Previously, he served as Vice President in charge of commercial products and mobile Internet from, January 2010 to July 2011.

Mr. Wang graduated from Peking University in 1999. In his decade at Baidu he has dedicated himself to the development of commercial products, operations and service management. Mr. Wang has contributed to many of Baidu's innovations, including as chief product designer of t... 
Biography PhotoLee Liu
Vice President of HR
Lee Liu
Vice President of HR

Mr. Lee Liu joined Baidu in April 2011 as vice president. He is in charge of Baidu’s human resources, general administration and other related activities.

Mr. Liu graduated from Tianjin University with a degree in microelectronics. He also completed the Executive Education program on Global Leadership at the University of Texas, and received an EMBA degree from Peking University. Since 2000, Mr. Liu has served as country HR director of Motorola China, president of Motorola University As... 

Biography PhotoVictor Liang
Vice President
Victor Liang
Vice President

Mr. Liang joined Baidu in June 2005, and was promoted to Vice President in June 2011. He is in charge of legal affairs, policy research, IP and patent-related issues.

Mr. Liang obtained his LL.M. (Master of Law) degrees from Peking University Law School and University of New South Wales Law School respectively, and was a visiting researcher at Yale University Law School. Prior to joining Baidu, he worked at the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic o... 
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