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Biography PhotoQi LuChief Operating Officer, Group President and Vice Chairman

Qi Lu joined us in January 2017 as chief operating officer and group president and has served as vice chairman of the board of directors since February 2017. Dr. Lu is in charge of products, technology, sales, marketing and operations, including our intelligent driving business. Prior to joining us, Dr. Lu most recently served as Microsoft’s global executive vice president and led Applications and Services Group. Dr. Lu joined Microsoft in 2009 as president of its Online Services Group. Earlier in his career, Dr. Lu joined Yahoo! in 1998, later becoming senior vice president in charge of search and advertising technologies, and subsequently executive vice president in 2007. Dr. Lu holds both bachelor and master degrees in computer science from Fudan University in Shanghai and a Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. He holds over 40 US patents and has authored many papers in his field.