BAIDU, INC. filed this Form 424B5 on 06/26/2017
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Modification and Waiver

The provisions of the indenture relating to modification and waiver, which are described under the heading “Description of Debt Securities—Modification and Waiver” in the accompanying prospectus, will apply to the Notes, with the additional provisions that:


  (i) we and the trustee may not, without the consent of each holder of the applicable series of the Notes affected thereby, reduce the amount of the premium payable upon the redemption or repurchase of any series of the Notes or change the time at which any series of the Notes may be redeemed or repurchased as described above under “—Optional Redemption” or “—Repurchase Upon Triggering Event” whether through an amendment or waiver of provisions in the covenants, definitions or otherwise (except through amendments to the definition of “Triggering Event”); and


  (ii) we and the trustee may, without the consent of any holder of the Notes of any series, amend the indenture and the relevant Notes to conform the text of the indenture or the Notes to any provision of this “Description of the Notes” to the extent that such provision in this “Description of the Notes” was intended to be a verbatim recitation of a provision of the indenture or the Notes as evidenced by an officers’ certificate.

Limitation on Liens

So long as any Note remains outstanding, we will not create or have outstanding, and we will ensure that none of our Principal Controlled Entities will create or have outstanding, any Lien upon the whole or any part of their respective present or future undertaking, assets or revenues (including any uncalled capital) securing any Relevant Indebtedness, or any guarantee or indemnity in respect of any Relevant Indebtedness either of us or of any of our Principal Controlled Entities, without (i) at the same time or prior thereto securing the Notes equally and ratably therewith or (ii) providing such other security for the Notes as shall be approved by an act of the holders of each series of the Notes holding at least a majority of the principal amount of that series of the Notes then outstanding.

The foregoing restriction will not apply to:


  (i) any Lien arising or already arisen automatically by operation of law which is timely discharged or disputed in good faith by appropriate proceedings;


  (ii) any Lien in respect of the obligations of any Person which becomes a Principal Controlled Entity or which merges with or into us or a Principal Controlled Entity after the date of the indenture which is in existence at the date on which it becomes a Principal Controlled Entity or merges with or into us or a Principal Controlled Entity; provided that any such Lien was not incurred in anticipation of such acquisition or of such Person becoming a Principal Controlled Entity or being merged with or into us or a Principal Controlled Entity;


  (iii) any Lien created or outstanding in favor of us;


  (iv) any Lien in respect of Relevant Indebtedness of us or any Principal Controlled Entity with respect to which we or such Principal Controlled Entity has paid money or deposited money or securities with a fiscal agent, trustee or depository to pay or discharge in full the obligations of us or such Principal Controlled Entity in respect thereof (other than the obligation that such money or securities so paid or deposited, and the proceeds therefrom, be sufficient to pay or discharge such obligations in full); or


  (v) any Lien arising out of the refinancing, extension, renewal or refunding of any Relevant Indebtedness secured by any Lien permitted by the foregoing clause (ii); provided that such Relevant Indebtedness is not increased beyond the principal amount thereof (together with the costs of such refinancing, extension, renewal or refunding) and is not secured by any additional property or assets.

“Lien” means any mortgage, charge, pledge, lien or other form of encumbrance or security interest.