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indirectly through an account with a broker, bank or other financial institution that in turn has an account with the depositary. The applicable prospectus supplement will indicate whether the debt securities will be issued only as global securities.

As an indirect holder, your rights relating to a global security will be governed by the account rules of your financial institution and of the depositary, as well as general laws relating to securities transfers. We will not recognize you as a holder of the debt securities and instead will deal only with the depositary that holds the global security.

You should be aware that if our debt securities are issued only in the form of global securities:


    you cannot have the debt securities registered in your own name;


    you cannot receive physical certificates for your interest in the debt securities;


    you will be a street name holder and must look to your own bank or broker for payments on the debt securities and protection of your legal rights relating to the debt securities;


    you may not be able to sell interests in the debt securities to some insurance companies and other institutions that are required by law to own their debt securities in the form of physical certificates;


    the depositary’s policies will govern payments, dividends, transfers, exchange and other matters relating to your interest in the global security. We, the trustee and any registrar have no responsibility for any aspect of the depositary’s actions or for its records of ownership interests in the global security. We, the trustee and any registrar also do not supervise the depositary in any way; and


    the depositary will require that interests in a global security be purchased or sold within its system using same-day funds for settlement.

In a few special situations described below, a global security representing our debt securities will terminate and interests in it will be exchanged for physical certificates representing the debt securities. After that exchange, the choice of whether to hold debt securities directly or in street name will be up to you. You must consult your bank or broker to find out how to have your interests in the debt securities transferred to your name, so that you will be a direct holder.

Unless we specify otherwise in the applicable prospectus supplement, the special situations for termination of a global security representing our debt securities are:


    the depositary has notified us that it is unwilling or unable to continue as depositary for such global security or the depositary ceases to be a clearing agency registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, at a time when such depositary is required to be so registered in order to act as depositary, and, in each case, we do not or cannot appoint a successor depositary within 90 days;


    we decide in our sole discretion to allow some or all book-entry securities to be exchangeable for definitive securities in registered form; or


    upon request by holders, in case that an event of default with respect to the debt securities of the applicable series has occurred and is continuing.

The applicable prospectus supplement may also list additional situations for terminating a global security that would apply only to the particular series of debt securities covered by such prospectus supplement. When a global security terminates, the depositary (and not us, the trustee or any registrar) is responsible for deciding the names of the institutions that will be the initial direct holders.