BAIDU, INC. filed this Form F-3ASR on 06/26/2017
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  (xii) add guarantors or co-obligors with respect to any series of debt securities; and


  (xiii) establish the form and terms of debt securities of any series as permitted under the indenture, or to provide for the issuance of additional debt securities in accordance with the limitations set forth in the indenture, or to add to the conditions, limitations or restrictions on the authorized amount, terms or purposes of issue, authentication or delivery of the debt securities of any series, as herein set forth, or other conditions, limitations or restrictions thereafter to be observed.

The consent of the holders is not necessary under the indenture to approve the particular form of any proposed amendment, supplement or waiver. It is sufficient if such consent approves the substance of the proposed amendment or supplement. A consent to any amendment, supplement or waiver under the indenture by any holder given in connection with a tender of such holder’s debt securities will not be rendered invalid by such tender. After an amendment, supplement or waiver under the indenture becomes effective, we are required to give to the holders a notice briefly describing such amendment, supplement or waiver. However, the failure to give such notice to all the holders, or any defect in the notice will not impair or affect the validity of the amendment, supplement or waiver.

Consolidation, Merger and Sale of Assets

The indenture provides that we may not consolidate with or merge into any other Person in a transaction in which we are not the surviving entity, or convey, transfer or lease our properties and assets substantially as an entirety to, any Person unless:


  (i) any Person formed by such consolidation or into which we are merged or to whom we have conveyed, transferred or leased our properties and assets substantially as an entirety is a corporation, partnership, trust or other entity validly existing under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands or Hong Kong and such Person expressly assumes by indentures supplemental to the indenture all of our obligations under the indenture and the debt securities issued under the indenture, including the obligation to pay Additional Amounts with respect to any jurisdiction in which it is organized or resident for tax purposes;


  (ii) immediately after giving effect to the transaction, no Event of Default, and no event which, after notice or lapse of time or both, would become an Event of Default, shall have occurred and be continuing; and


  (iii) we have delivered to the trustee an officers’ certificate and an opinion of independent legal counsel, each stating that such consolidation, merger, conveyance, transfer or lease and such supplemental indentures comply with the indenture and that all conditions precedent therein provided for relating to such transaction have been complied with.

Payments for Consent

We will not, and will not permit any of our Controlled Entities to, directly or indirectly, pay or cause to be paid any consideration to or for the benefit of any holder of debt securities of any series for or as an inducement to any consent, waiver or amendment of any of the terms or provisions of the indenture or the debt securities of such series unless such consideration is offered to be paid and is paid to all holders of the relevant series of debt securities that consent, waive or agree to amend in the time frame set forth in the solicitation documents relating to such consent, waiver or amendment.

Events of Default

Under the terms of the indenture, each of the following constitutes an Event of Default for a series of debt securities unless, as otherwise stated in the applicable prospectus supplement, it is either inapplicable to a particular series or it is specifically deleted or modified:


  (i) failure to pay principal or premium in respect of any debt securities of that series by the due date for such payment;