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We generate revenues from the provision of search services, transaction services and iQiyi. The following table sets forth our revenues by segment, with each segment revenues including inter-segment revenues:


     Year ended December 31,  
     2014      2015      2016  
     RMB      RMB      RMB      US$  
     (In thousands, except percentages)  



Search Services

     43,727,459        55,667,478        55,375,031        7,975,663  

Transaction Services

     3,822,456        7,005,941        4,894,486        704,953  


     2,873,552        5,295,760        11,283,329        1,625,137  













Revenue Generation

Search Services. Search services are keyword-based marketing services targeted at and triggered by internet users’ search queries, which include our P4P services and other online marketing services, such as BrandZone, Aladdin and mobile application distribution. Search services contribute the largest proportion of our total revenues among our three operating segments.

A majority of our revenues from search services are derived from our P4P services. Our P4P platform is an online marketplace that introduces internet search users to customers who pay us a fee based on click-throughs for priority placement of their links in the search results. We recognize P4P revenues when a user clicks on a customer’s link in the search results, based on the amount that the customer has agreed to pay for each click-through. The number of online marketing customers and average revenue per customer are considered as primary drivers of our P4P services. We believe our efforts to grow the customer base, improve customer experience and optimize their marketing budget allocation/spending effectiveness on our P4P platform are expected to drive our future revenue growth.

We also provide our customers with other performance-based and display-based online marketing services. For other performance-based online marketing services, our customers pay us based on performance criteria other than click-throughs, such as the number of telephone calls brought to our customers, the number of users registered with our customers, or the number of minimum click-throughs. For display-based online marketing services, our customers pay us based on the duration or the number of display of the advertisement placed on our properties and Baidu Union members’ properties.

Our search services have historically been driven by the general increase in our customers’ online marketing budgets. We expect the number of our online marketing customers to grow and our customer mix may change. However, we expect our online marketing customer base to remain diverse for the foreseeable future. Any prolonged economic slowdown in China may cause our customers to decrease or delay their online marketing spending and as a result, hamper our efforts to grow our customer base. Any of these consequences could negatively affect our search service revenues.

Our search customers are increasingly seeking marketing solutions with measurable results in order to maximize their ROI. To meet customers’ needs, we will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our various products and services and adjust the mix of our service offerings to optimize our customers’ ROI. We expect that we will continue to earn a majority of our revenues from our search services.

Transaction Services. Transaction services include Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Deliveries, Baidu Mobile Game, Baidu Wallet, Baidu Maps and others. Revenues of transaction services are mainly generated by Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Deliveries and Baidu Mobile Game.