BAIDU, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 03/31/2017
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The following diagram illustrates our corporate structure, including our principal subsidiaries and consolidated affiliated entities as of the date of this annual report on Form 20-F:






The diagram above omits the names of subsidiaries and consolidated affiliated entities that are insignificant individually and in the aggregate.


Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd. is 99.5% owned by Mr. Robin Yanhong Li, our chairman and chief executive officer, and 0.5% owned by Mr. Hailong Xiang, an employee of ours. Please see “Item 6.E. Directors, Senior Management and Employees—Share Ownership” for Mr. Robin Yanhong Li’s beneficial ownership in our company. Mr. Hailong Xiang’s beneficial ownership of our company is less than 1% of our total outstanding shares.


Beijing Perusal Technology Co., Ltd. is 50% owned by Mr. Xiaodong Wang and 50% owned by Mr. Zhixiang Liang. Both Mr. Xiaodong Wang and Mr. Zhixiang Liang are employees of ours, and their respective beneficial ownership in our company is less than 1% of our total outstanding shares.


Beijing BaiduPay Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is 54.8% owned by Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd., 5.4% owned by Mr. Zhixiang Liang and 39.8% owned by another consolidated affiliated entity controlled by us.

Contractual Arrangements with Our Consolidated Affiliated Entities and the Nominee Shareholders

PRC laws and regulations restrict and impose conditions on foreign investment in internet, value-added telecommunication-based online advertising, online audio and video services and mobile application distribution businesses. Accordingly, we operate these businesses in China through our consolidated affiliated entities. We have entered into a series of contractual arrangements with our consolidated affiliated entities and the nominee shareholders of our consolidated affiliated entities. These contractual arrangements enable us to:



receive substantially all of the economic benefits from our consolidated affiliated entities in consideration for the services provided by our subsidiaries;



exercise effective control over our consolidated affiliated entities; and



hold an exclusive option to purchase all or part of the equity interests in our consolidated affiliated entities when and to the extent permitted by PRC law.