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companies that are established by the large-scale internet services enterprises and mainly engage in internet microcredit business. In addition, pursuant to a circular issued by the Chongqing Financial Works Office, the regulatory entity for microcredit companies in Chongqing, the authorities in Chongqing have permitted certain qualified microcredit companies to conduct a cross-region microcredit business on the internet. We engage in microcredit businesses through two subsidiaries in Shanghai and Chongqing, both of which have obtained special approval for establishment of a microcredit company from the local governmental authorities.

Regulations on Platform Services relating to Sales of Securities Investment Fund

We provide wealth management services through a variety of investment products, including, among others, securities investment fund. In accordance with the Interim Provisions on the Administration of the Business Operations of Securities Investment Fund Distributors through Third-Party E-Commerce Platforms issued by the CSRC in March 2013, a third-party e-commerce platform for securities investment fund sales refers to the information system providing supporting services for online trading activities between fund investors and fund distributors. To qualify as an operator of third-party e-commerce platform, an entity must satisfy a series of conditions, including, among others, that (i) it must be a PRC-incorporated entity with its website accessible within China; (ii) it must obtain a license for the relevant telecommunication business for more than three years; (iii) it must have a sound credibility record without being subject to any substantial administrative or criminal penalty in the past three years. Pursuant to the interim provisions, if a third-party e-commerce platform engages in activities such as opening fund share trading accounts, publicizing and promoting the fund, processing subscription and redemption of fund shares, or providing investment consultation or complaint settlement services relating to the fund, the operator of the platform will be deemed as conducting securities investment fund sales business, and therefore must obtain a license for fund sales business. As we provide third-party platform services to our customers and securities investment fund distributors on our wealth management platform and do not provide fund sales-related services specified in the interim provisions, we believe we do not engage in securities investment fund sales business and therefore are in compliance with relevant requirements.

Regulations on Internet Map Services

According to the Administrative Rules of Surveying Qualification Certificate, as amended by the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information (formerly known as the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping) in August 2014, the provision of internet map services by any non-surveying and mapping enterprise is subject to the approval of the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information and requires a Surveying and Mapping Qualification Certificate. Internet maps refer to maps called or transmitted through internet. Pursuant to the Notice on Further Strengthening the Administration of Internet Map Services Qualification issued by the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information in December 2011, any entity without applying for a Surveying and Mapping Qualification Certificate for internet map services is prohibited from providing any internet map services. Baidu Netcom currently provides online traffic information inquiry services as well as internet map services and has obtained a Surveying and Mapping Qualification Certificate for internet map services. Another entity in our group has also obtained the Surveying and Mapping Qualification Certificate.

Regulations on Online Games

Pursuant to the Administrative Provisions on Internet Publishing Services and the Circular on Mobile Game Publishing Service, the online games services provided on our websites by our online game operator partners may be deemed as a type of “online publication service” provided by us, and we may be required to obtain an Internet Publication License from the SAPPRFT. Beijing Perusal and another entity in our group have obtained the Internet Publication Licenses. The required approval by the SAPPRFT of each online game provided on our websites is handled by our online game operator partners.

In June 2010, the Ministry of Culture promulgated the Interim Administration Measures of Online Games. In accordance with these measures, an ICP service provider operating online games, must obtain an Internet