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Baidu Maps. In 2016, Baidu Maps data is mainly collected by ourselves, complemented by third-party suppliers and web information. Baidu Maps provides users with services relating to locations, routes, and local merchants on their PCs and mobile devices in both offline and online modes. Baidu Maps for mobile devices (Baidu Mobile Maps) increasingly serves as a gateway for users to conduct local searches. Baidu Maps also provides indoor maps for large shopping malls. In addition to Mainland China, Baidu Maps coverage has expanded to over 200 countries and regions to serve Chinese travelers overseas. It has an open platform that integrates location-based services from third-party partners. Baidu Maps also works with developers and provides open map services to third-party apps and websites. The number of monthly active users of Baidu Mobile Maps, defined as users who used the service at least once in a given month, was approximately 341 million for December 2016, an increase of 13% over the corresponding period in the prior year.

Baidu Mobile Game. Baidu Mobile Game platform collaborates with Chinese and international licensed content providers to provide a diverse array of licensed and healthy games to users, hosting dedicated mobile channels and up-to-date licensed games, and has attracted a large community of mobile game players. Our platform connects users with game content providers and we share revenues from game operations with game developers on our platform.

Baidu Netdisk. Baidu Netdisk, our personal cloud computing service, allows users to upload documents, images, audios and videos to its cloud servers, stores the uploaded data with security control and provides real-time back-ups, and making the data accessible across different devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops. Users can also share their data through Baidu Netdisk. In 2016, Baidu Netdisk launched super membership services and a series of new member benefits.

International Products and Services. We offer numerous mobile products and services for emerging and developed markets around the world. Our smartphone applications for overseas markets include DU Battery Saver, DU Speed Booster, ES File Explorer, Photo Wonder, Simeji Japanese input method, and others. In early 2016, we introduced our mobile advertising platform DU Ad Platform to Android developers outside of China. DU Ad Platform is now available for developers in approximately 200 countries and regions worldwide.


iQiyi and PPS. Established in April 2010, iQiyi is a leading online video platform in China, streaming both licensed and self-made movies, television series, variety shows, cartoons and other contents, which are either produced by iQiyi or provided by content providers under licensing arrangements. iQiyi is dedicated to serving Chinese users with the best possible online video experience, along with various services, such as reading, gaming, social network, movie ticketing, live streaming and e-commerce business. iQiyi provides online community services to facilitate user communication and interaction. Users can search and watch ad-supported iQiyi.com videos free of charge. Paying subscribers can enjoy premium services on iQiyi, including ad-free video streaming and access to premium content. In May 2013, we acquired the online video business of PPS and have merged PPS with iQiyi. Following the merger, PPS has operated as a sub-brand of iQiyi. iQiyi’s mobile application maintained its industry leadership with 125 million daily active users, 480 million monthly active users, and 335 billion minutes monthly user time in December 2016, according to Alexa.com, an internet analytics firm.

Sales and Distribution

We offer search and transaction services directly and through our distribution network. We have direct sales presence in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and major cities in Guangdong Province, covering the major regional markets for our online marketing services.

Our search service distributors provide numerous services, including identifying customers, collecting payments, assisting customers in setting up accounts with us, suggesting keywords to maximize ROI and