BAIDU, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 03/31/2017
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Other Search Products and Services for Customers

Baidu Cloud. Baidu Cloud is a cloud computing platform that offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) to enterprise customers and developers to build, test and deploy applications on our scalable and reliable infrastructure. Baidu Cloud is based on the same cloud computing technology that supports our search and marketing system. Baidu Cloud provides a comprehensive set of product services, such as IaaS-like computing, storage and network, PaaS-like security, database, data analysis, multimedia, mobile application development, IOT, marketing cloud and AI platform. SaaS, serving as marketing cloud, enables our customers to buy applications as they need.

Transaction Services

We offer products and services that enable or facilitate our users and customers to conduct online and offline transactions.

Baidu Nuomi. Baidu Nuomi offers multiple services and products to its users, including entertainment (such as film, transportation ticketing and tourism), dining, hotel reservation, health and beauty services. Baidu Nuomi users can access the services through Nuomi.com, Baidu Nuomi’s mobile application and additional channels such as Mobile Baidu and Baidu Maps.

Baidu Nuomi is part of our services ecosystem, and is integrated with Baidu Search and Baidu Maps, which helps provide more user services, including supporting Baidu Search and Baidu Maps. Baidu Nuomi supports Baidu Search with richer, more localized results, enhancing mobile search’s role. Baidu Nuomi supports Baidu Maps by contributing a large number of points of interest, and has added advanced, AI-driven features such as customized restaurant and retail store recommendations.

Baidu Deliveries. Baidu Deliveries, formerly branded as Baidu Takeout Delivery, is an online platform on which users can order food deliveries from a wide range of quality restaurants and vendors. Leveraging our map, big data, artificial intelligence and other technology capabilities, Baidu Deliveries is able to provide users with personalized restaurant selection as well as reliable deliveries through our proprietary Intelligent Real-time Delivery Network system. In addition to food, Baidu Deliveries has also expanded its delivery services into other product categories, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, flower shops, as well as other on-demand courier related services. When accessing from mobile devices, users can search for restaurants or other local merchants based on their locations.

Baidu Wallet. Baidu Wallet, formerly branded as BaiduPay, provides online and mobile payment services and enables our users to complete a closed loop transaction in a seamless manner. Through integration with Baidu and third-party products, Baidu Wallet fulfills payment in a wide array of scenarios, including purchases of movie tickets, services provided by Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Deliveries and daily commutes. Baidu Wallet has continued to grow, reaching 100 million activated accounts as of December 31, 2016.

Baidu Consumer Credit. Baidu Consumer Credit offers education loans and consumer financing in industry sectors such as travel, beauty, home decoration and home rentals, through partnership with a large number of educational institutions and other companies and merchants. We are creating an innovative platform to provide internet financial services, which give our users more convenience and faster approval, with the help of our AI-based risk control technologies including facial and fingerprint recognition, optical character recognition (OCR) of identification documents, and live detection.

Baidu Wealth Management. We aim to provide more fair, more creditworthy and more transparent wealth management service to investors by leveraging our strengths in big data and technology. For our customers, we analyze their risk profiles using our own artificial intelligence technology. For investment products, we use Baidu data analytical capabilities to more holistically analyze their potential risks and returns. Furthermore, we have established a team of experienced wealth management professionals to serve our customers.