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demographics, and deliver in-feed ads to target users. Appearing below the Baidu search box in Mobile Baidu, Baidu Newsfeed complements our core search products and existing content ecosystem and enables us to access alternative advertisers, such as real estate customers. The news-feed platform has grown rapidly since its launch in May 2016, in terms of content volume, user numbers and average user time spent. Baidu Newsfeed, together with P4P services and Local Express, offers our customers a complete and integrated marketing solution and builds a full marketing closed loop from stimulating and guiding demands to promoting transformation.

BrandZone. BrandZone is our flagship branding display marketing product. The marketing message for a customer can integrate text description, image and video, and appear in a prominent position of the search result page. The display position for BrandZone includes not only our web search but also various vertical search products, such as Baidu Knows and Baidu Image Search. BrandZone allows the brand image of an advertiser to be displayed in all the vertical search products in a structured and uniform manner.

Aladdin. Aladdin is a form of commercialization of our Baidu data open platform. Based on our analysis of user search needs, we collaborate with vertical websites, who supply us with high quality and structured data for our inclusion in the search results to our users, and in return receive high-quality user traffic generated by us. We generate revenues from Aladdin service typically based on the duration of contract, while some customers pay us based on the number of clicks on our customers’ links that we help to generate.

Online Marketing Services Based on Contextuals, Audience Attributes, Media and Placement Attributes

Online marketing services based on contextuals, audience attributes, media and placement attributes refer to our programmatic marketing service transaction system, which is composed of four part: supply-side platform (SSP); demand-side platform (DSP); Baidu exchange service platform (BES); and data-management platform (DMP).

SSP covers media resources of Baidu and third-party Baidu Union members. SSP intelligently manages media advertising space inventory and optimizes marketing spending by analyzing matching content, target audience and characteristics of different media and platforms. SSP has connected more advertising resources through technological upgrades. SSP currently supports a number of main-stream media formats, including textual links, images, open screen, interstitial, banner, information flow and video. SSP also supports native advertisement placement.

DSP is an integrated sales service platform for advertisers and advertising agents, providing programmatic media buy service. DSP supports PC web, WAP, in-app, and in-stream traffic multi-screen advertisement placement. DSP also supports the advertisement placement of standard creativity, intelligent creativity and customized creativity, as well as multiple payment methods including CPT, CPM, CPC and CPA.

BES is a traffic transaction platform that combines DSP with media resources, by leveraging the traffic advantage and big-data capabilities of BES. BES automatically conducts the ad-media buy process on behalf of advertisers using a digital platform, i.e. a programmatic buy process. The primary method for conducting such programmatic buy process is real time bidding, or RTB, which secures advertisement display opportunities in a very short period of time by bidding on the target audience. In addition to RTB, we also support programmatic premium buying (PPB) and guaranteed delivery (GD) methods. PPB targets specific high-quality media resources and engages in programmatic buy only after reaching agreement on the terms of the purchase with the advertisers. GD is conducted based on the agreed-upon price and time period reached by both sides to the transaction.

DMP collects data from the various parties in a programmatic buy process and stores, integrates, analyzes and optimizes such data. DMP integrates data from advertisers, Baidu and third-party DMPs, which cover searches, offline visits, target audience tags, sequential placements and crowd portraits, in order to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of DSP.