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Online Marketing Services Based on Search Queries

Online marketing services based on search queries are keyword-based marketing services targeted at and triggered by internet users’ search queries, which include our P4P services and other search query–based online marketing services, for example, BrandZone. Typically, a P4P customer pays us when users click on one of its website links on Baidu search result pages or Baidu Union members’ properties, while a Brand-Link customer pays us based on the duration of the placement on Baidu search result pages. Users could reach our P4P sponsored links and Brand-Link on either mobile or non-mobile devices.

P4P. Our auction-based P4P services enable our customers to bid for priority placement of their paid sponsored links. Our P4P platform enables our customers to reach users who search for information related to their products or services. Customers may use our automated online tools to create text/image-based advertisement of their web pages and bid on keywords that trigger the display of their web page information and links. Our P4P platform features an automated online sign-up process that allows customers to activate and manage their accounts at any time.

Our P4P platform is an online marketplace that introduces internet search users to customers who bid for priority placement of paid sponsored links in the search results. Links to customers’ websites are ranked according to a comprehensive ranking index, calculated based on the quality factor of a sponsored link for a search query in addition to the price bid on that keyword. The quality factor of a sponsored link for a search query is determined based on the relevance, quality, customer reviews, credibility of customers and certain other factors. The relevance is determined based on our analysis of past search and click-through results. Our P4P online marketing customers may choose to set a daily limit on the amount spent and may also choose to target only users accessing our website from specified regions in China and/or during specific time period of the day.

Phoenix Nest, one of our current online marketing systems, is designed to improve relevance in paid search and increase value for customers, thus driving monetization efficiency. We have made enhancements continually to our Phoenix Nest platform. We have opened online marketing on mobile search to all customers to allow them to promote their products and services. In order to help customers achieve better ROI from mobile search campaigns, we provide a series of special management tools in Phoenix Nest, including upgraded site building tool such as SiteApp for enhanced user experience, online chatting tool for better user engagement, mobile statistics analysis tool for enhanced conversion tracking, and performance reporting for managing campaign effectiveness. We have provided additional geo-targeting options in Phoenix Nest to enable customers to engage in city-level and distance proximity bidding. Moreover, we have launched Phoenix Nest App (Android and iOS) allowing customers to manage their online marketing anywhere and anytime. Leveraging on our ability to precisely recognize the search intent of users and matching the intent with the website content of the customers, our dynamic marketing solutions (Products Ads) present marketing content in varying formats, including living images, product discount information, and photo and textual illustrations of specific merchandise.

In 2016, we further upgraded Phoenix Nest by incorporating artificial intelligence technology. Using big data to analyze internet users’ intentions and scenarios, we can recommend personalized products and services, and stimulate demands of internet users, which increases our customers’ website traffic. Since we can identify internet users’ demands and also understand our customers’ business, we are able to provide intelligent and creative services by automatically generating creative ideas that directly respond to the needs of internet users and thus achieve fully automated machine writing of customer marketing materials.

Local Express. Local Express provides merchants with a turn-key solution to easily participate in our online marketing and transaction services, without high start-up costs or the need for infrastructure investment. Local Express merchant accounts can be accessed by users via search, Baidu Maps and Baidu Nuomi. Local Express helps local merchants to reach users more effectively.

Baidu Newsfeed. Baidu Newsfeed can help customers precisely target the right newsfeed users based on their personal interests reflected in their past online behaviors, such as search and browsing, and their