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Encyclopedia’s contents are generated by registered users who are experts in their respective fields, including medical care and studio arts. Baidu users can also search, read and browse all terms and content contributed by registered users of Baidu Encyclopedia. Baidu Encyclopedia has produced a number of characteristic columns, such as Encyclopedia of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Digital Museum, Recorder of History, etc., which aim to meet the high-quality content requirements of users.

Baidu WenKu. Baidu WenKu is an online document sharing platform, through which registered users of our Baidu platform can search, browse or read, by categories, documents in various formats such as Microsoft WORD, PDF and Microsoft Excel. Baidu WenKu also allows registered users to upload documents to and download from this user-created documents database. Taking advantage of big data and artificial intelligence technology, Baidu WenKu actively recommends content and provides personalized resources to enable our users to easily find what they are looking for.

Hao123.com. Hao123.com is a popular Chinese website directory navigation site in China.

Mobile Baidu. As one of our flagship mobile applications, Mobile Baidu, formerly named Baidu Mobile Search, enables users to access our search, news-feed contents and services using mobile devices, including WAP-enabled mobile phones. Mobile Baidu supports text, voice and image search to better serve users of mobile devices. The updated Mobile Baidu app features enhanced voice input, improved news-feed display and a more personalized mobile home page.

Baidu Mobile Assistant. Baidu Mobile Assistant is a mobile application marketplace designed for Android mobile devices. The platform offers an extensive and diversified array of applications, and selects and recommends high-quality applications based on big data analytics. Baidu Mobile Assistant presents contents of applications to users, helping them to find the most suitable applications. Baidu Mobile Assistant helps improve users’ phone management, allowing users to download, upgrade, manage and delete applications easily and conveniently. Additionally, Baidu Mobile Assistant helps users connect to shared WiFi hotspots, optimize device memory and clean junk files.

Baidu Mobile Guardian. Baidu Mobile Guardian is a comprehensive phone security software, using mobile anti-virus technology. It can provide users with free system optimization, mobile handset accelerator, garbage data cleaning, system vulnerability defense, virus sweeper, data privacy, harassing phone intercept, secure payment and other features. Throughout 2016, Baidu Mobile Guardian was recognized as one of the top-ranked players by AV-Test, an authoritative international testing organization.

Duer. Duer is an intelligent personal virtual assistant that provides secretarial search service to users. Duer provides high-quality personal assistant services such as performing tasks, information seeking, answering questions and casual chatting through conversational/voice user interface. Its implementation leverages our search, natural language processing and speech technologies, as well as image recognition and other machine learning technologies.

Baijiahao. Baijiahao is a platform for content owners to publish contents and manage their fans. Baijiahao not only supports various content formats, including characters, pictures, graphs, video, live broadcast, augmented reality and virtual reality, but also provides smart writing assistant and copyrights protection to content owners. The contents gathered in Baijiahao are integrated with users, personalized search results. In addition, Baijiahao can help content owners to interact with their fans and arrange marketing campaigns.

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We focus on providing customers with cost-effective and targeted marketing solutions. We generate a large majority of our revenues from online marketing services, including online marketing services based on search queries, contextuals, audience attributes, media and placement attributes and online marketing services of other forms. Our online marketing services generally comprise text links, images, multimedia files and interactive forms.