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In order to improve mobile user experience, we have also undertaken a series of product innovations and developments, including but not limited to, the following features:



Enriched Services—are connected with our mobile search function, such as takeout delivery, movie ticket bookings, hotel reservations, flight bookings, home services and other types of local lifestyle services, which expand the usefulness of our search services. We also select and recommend suitable services to users based on their interest, location, time of the day and other mobile situational traits in order to improve user experience.



Multi-modal Search—allows users to obtain accurate, fast and rich search results by simply talking to the PC or mobile device, or by taking or uploading a picture. As methods through which users express their requests become more diversified, the interaction between search engines and users is also expanding to include multi-media input and output models such as text, voice and images. Multi-media interactive search provides users with a more convenient, diverse and imaginative mobile search experience.



Colloquial Language Understanding—provides higher quality search results using semantic analyzing technology in response to increasingly colloquial voice inputs from users.



Results from Mobile Applications—complements resources from traditional web pages. Our mobile search can obtain and present unique information in mobile applications. Users can view search results from mobile applications and launch such applications directly, if they are already installed on the mobile device, or download such mobile applications.



Re-formatting of Search Results—allows us to improve the mobile viewing experience and information gathering efficiency of users by processing and re-formatting search results into compatible and easy-to-read content for mobile device users.



Newsfeed for users—Newsfeed provides users with personalized newsfeed to meet their personal interests reflected in their past online behaviors, such as search and browsing, and their demographics. Newsfeed brings users fresh, tailored content, creating a virtuous cycle of content push-and-pull. Newsfeed complements our core search products and existing content ecosystem, and contributes strongly to user loyalty.

Baidu Image Search. Baidu Image Search enables users to search for images on the internet by term queries or various categories and offers advanced features, such as search by image file type and search within a designated website or web page. Baidu Image Search is accessible through both web page and mobile device. Baidu Image Search also allows users to search information on an image or search other similar images by allowing users to upload an image or enter its uniform resource locator (URL).

Baidu Post Bar. Baidu Post Bar is a social media platform that attracts users through topics of common interest. Users post text, image, audio and video content and reply to original content, thus forming social networks around topics of discussions. Baidu Post Bar draws new users through close integration with search and user-generated content. Baidu Post Bar has become a leading platform for celebrity fans, online game players, online novel readers and virtual local communities as well as a platform that reflects current cultural trends.

Baidu Knows. Baidu Knows provides users with a query-based searchable community to share knowledge and experiences. Through Baidu Knows, registered users can post specific questions for other users to respond as well as respond to questions posted by others. Baidu Knows is accessible through both web page and mobile application. Baidu users can also search, read and browse questions and answers contributed by registered users of Baidu Knows. Baidu Knows has also invited institutional and personal experts in many fields such as medical care, maternal and child health, education, finance and law to address users’ questions.

Baidu Encyclopedia. Baidu Encyclopedia is an evolving encyclopedia compiled by registered users. Registered users can share their knowledge by adding new terms and new content in Baidu Encyclopedia. Baidu