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Search Services

Search Products and Services for Users

We focus on offering products and services that enable our users to find relevant information quickly and easily. We offer our main products and services to users through Baidu.com free of charge generally. These products and services can be accessed through PCs, mobile and other non-mobile devices.

Baidu Web Search. Baidu’s web search allows users to locate information through search queries. After typing a search query, users generally receive a list of ranked search results, which may include our customers’ content presented in a specific format. Users can then access the desired information by examining the returned search snippets, or clicking on the hypertext links displayed in the search results. The number of average monthly active users of mobile search, defined as users who used the service at least once in a given month, was approximately 665 million for December 2016, an increase of 1.7% over the corresponding period in the prior year.

We have integrated many features into our web search system to help users easily access the right information out of a huge number of web pages. The Baidu web search includes, but not limited to, the following features:



Query Suggestion—based on the keywords in users’ search queries and their search history, we recommend related topics (such as books, historical figures, movies and games) that may be of interest to users in order to unleash their potential demands. With our machine learning and big data analytics technologies, we predict the queries that the users may need later on and display them in the dropdown list under the search box.



Instant Search—returns search results when a user is typing a search query to speed up the search process and save time, by leveraging on our innovative asynchronous pre-fetch technology and big data prediction capability.



In-depth Answers—provides relevant and in-depth answers to search inquiries using our deep learning technology to locate, summarize and integrate relevant information from massive data.



Rich Content—by analyzing users’ intention and the content of search pages, provides users with more structural and in-depth data in the snippets of search results. For example, we directly display answers, marked in red, in the search result snippets for Q&A-type query; we directly display valuable sub-links and images in search result snippets.



Scene-based Search—provides users with an information and service aggregation of different aspects of one query. Users may access rich resources more conveniently and enjoy the immersive experience.



Recommendation for Web Search—recommends interesting results (such as books, music, novels, movies, and games) to enhance user engagements and satisfaction. We have developed sophisticated algorithms and launched several innovative features including entity-collection recommendation, post-click keywords recommendation, interactive recommendation, task-oriented recommendation and knowledge graph-based recommendation.



HTTPS Connection—has significantly advanced the security of our products by protecting the information and privacy of our PC and mobile users through HTTPS protocols.



English Language Resources—addresses the ever-growing needs among our users to search English language resources by providing a wealth of high-quality English webpage data. To improve the English search experience of our users, we made significant improvements to our English query understanding and English web result ranking. We also leverage our Baidu machine translation technology to present users with Chinese translations of English snippets and webpages.