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BAIDU, INC. filed this Form 20-F on 03/28/2014

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Advanced Search—enables users to create more focused queries by employing techniques such as narrowing results to specified words or phrases, document formats, geographic regions, time frames or websites.



Snapshots—provides snapshots of web pages taken when the pages were indexed, allowing users to view web pages that cannot be opened quickly or easily.



Third-party rich content microblog—integrates and displays third-party rich content. For example, users can search for and view directly in our search results microblog contents from SINA Weibo and Tencent Weibo.



Other Baidu products—integrates and displays search results from other Baidu products including Baidu News, Baidu Image Search, Baidu Video Search, Hao123, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Space, Baidu Knows, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu WenKu, Baidu Map Search, Baidu Music, Baidu Translation and Baidu Dictionary.



Layout design—adopts a layout design that matches users’ interest for the topic to enable quick search, and offers customized recommendation links and knowledge that derive from both of our web knowledge graph and the aggregated user search history and preference, at right side of search result.



Baidu personalized homepage—offers a customizable landing page providing registered users a personalized experience based on their historical search behavior. Users are presented with an intelligently recommended list of recent favorite websites or online services and can add their favorite websites and online applications on their homepage layout. Users can also view updates of their interested persons in Baidu Post Bar and Baidu Space.



New devices—provide customized search experience for new devices. For example, we offer optimized display and interaction on iPad.



Knowledge graph—Baidu Knowledge graph aggregates the contents from multiple sources and classifies them into different knowledge entities, where each knowledge entity is of well-defined structure, consisting of various attributes and operations. The Knowledge graph can display the content of knowledge entity in one card and render the card in the search result page. The card contains the various attributes of the entity, sorted with relevancy and popularity. With the Knowledge graph, we can answer some queries directly through displaying accurate answers on the search result page. Given a query, the Knowledge graph can find not only the directly related knowledge entity but also some loosely related knowledge entities. Our search engine renders those loosely related entities in the right panel of the search result page, so as to motivate the user to search more. With the Knowledge graph, we reinforce the conversation between users and our search engine in order to better understand the need of users.

In addition, Baidu Web Search allows users to launch some applications directly, which feature is powered by Baidu Open Platform and Baidu Open Cloud where content providers and developers can submit their contents and applications.

Baidu Image Search. Baidu Image Search enables users to search for images on the internet by term queries or various categories and offers advanced features, such as search by image file type and search within a designated website or web page. Baidu Image Search also allows users to search information on an image or search other similar images by allowing users to upload an image or enter its uniform resource locator (URL). In addition, registered users can upload, label and share with others high-quality pictures through Baidu Image Search.

Baidu Video Search. Baidu Video Search enables users to search by term queries for and access through hyperlinks online video clips that are hosted on third parties’ websites. Baidu Video Search also allows users to locate and play various video content on smartphones and tablets, and support blue ray playing based on the mobile cloud technology.